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X Ray

X Ray, penetrating electromagnetic radiation, having a shorter wavelength than light, and produced by bombarding a target, usually made of tungsten, with high-speed electrons X rays were discovered accidentally in 1895 by the German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen while he was studying cathode rays in a high-voltage, gaseous-discharge tube. 

Despite the fact that the tube was encased in a black cardboard box, Roentgen noticed that a barium-platinocyanide screen, inadvertently lying nearby, emitted fluorescent light whenever the tube was in operation. After conducting further experiments, he determined that the fluorescence was caused by invisible radiation of a more penetrating nature than ultraviolet rays. 

He named the invisible radiation "X ray" because of its unknown nature. Subsequently, X rays were known also as Roentgen rays in his honor.

One day at football class I was playing football and one of my friends accidently stood on the instep of my foot. It became swollen very quickly and some of the teachers had a look and then they called my Mam. When she got here she brought me to the doctor where we live but he said I had to go to Hospital to get an X-ray. When I got there I had an X-ray taken of my foot slightly turned and then they saw when the X-ray was ready that there was a tiny bone at the side of my foot was broken. When they told me I was surprised at how such a thing could happen so easy. I had to get a plaster on for a few weeks and I had crutches. About a week before I was going to get my plaster off a boy in our school broke his hand and he also got an X-ray and a plaster on his hand for a few weeks but his break was worse than mine, he broke his hand in three places.

By Jenny



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