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A selection of First Chapters of Books

written by

                                       Fifth Class Pupils

Itís A Dogs Life 
 A walk to the river
Paulaís Fear
Better Days
My Worst Holiday
The Lost Crystal
The Island

Itís A Dogs Life ĖAlan Wade


CHAPTER 1 - Rover and his life

Hello my name is Rover. Iím a dog. But there's one problem, I have not got a home yet .You see I was born a stray. It was okay until I was captured by the dog pound. If they donít find a home for me soon I will be put down.

I am a German shepherd .Not many people trust stray German shepherds because we can be vicious at times especially when you've been a stray for a couple of years.



By Niall Morrissey

John and Maryís house came into view as Paul and Sandy walked down the road to call for them. Paul has black hair and green eyes and Sandy has black hair and green eyes too. John was outside playing football. " Whereís Mary" asked Sandy." Sheís inside tidying her room," said John " You can go in if you want". Sandy went in. John and Paul started to play football. After a while Mary and Sandy came out. "So where are we going" asked Sandy. "To the river" answered John. They set out for the river.


Paulaís Fear

Claire O Donoghue


Paula was a kind, honest and tall girl. She had one brother and two sisters. She lived in Fermoy . She was always afraid of water since she was very little .Her father had been a very good swimmer at her age . He told her to go to swimming lessons but she was afraid . She told her friend Helen the next day and was thrilled to discover that Helen was going too .Helen was used to swimming . She went to swimming lessons before.


Better Days - by Donna Walsh

Chapter 1

It was a cold rainy day and Georgina was sitting at home drinking a hot cup of tea wrapped up in a warm woollen blanket. She was very sick for the past two weeks and when she thought things couldn't get much worse, they did.

She was half asleep when she heard shouting coming from the kitchen. She woke immediately and ran into the kitchen. It was her mother and father arguing. They never argued but as Georgina thought back she remembered the row her parents had a few days ago. Then she remembered seeing her father packing. There was something strange going on here. Was Georginaís father going to leave? Then Georgina thought " Stop it, Georgina, youíre only hallucinating."

When Georginaís parents saw her they stopped arguing straight away. Georgina looked them right in the eye and said, " I demand to know whatís going on?" in the angriest voice possible. A few minutes later she cried hysterically and ran out into the lashing rain, coughing and choking, without a coat. She ran down to the library to find her best friend Raymond but he had left five minutes before Georgina got there. Next she ran to Raymondís house and knocked loudly on the door. Raymond answered and brought her in. Raymondís sister Bernice gave Georgina some of her clothes because Georginaís were soaking wet.

Raymond always listened attentively and he was great at giving advice. When Raymond heard Georginaís story he had great pity for her but he couldnít give her any advice. The only thing he said was

" You know situations like this often lead to a divorce. When Georgina heard the word divorce she started crying again. " I think it will end up in a divorce," said Georgina speaking through her tears, " I think it will." When Georgina was finished crying she decided to return home. Raymondís mother Mrs. Power offered Georgina a lift home or the price of a bus fare. Georgina refused because she knew a breath of fresh air would do her the world of good.


My Worst Holiday

By Sara Power.


My name is Sara Power and I live at Meadow View, Coolfin, Portlaw, Co. Waterford. It was the seventh of July 1997. My family and some of my cousins were going to Kerry for a month or two. I was in the middle of packing my suitcase. I had to go to bed early because we had get up the following morning at 7.00 a.m..


The Lost Crystal- Robert Rockett.

Chapter 1 - The Forest

Alan and Fiona were strolling through the forest one sunny afternoon. Fiona wandered off the path and Alan followed. She wandered onto a narrower path with giant trees on either side. Suddenly Alan saw a big cave and the two entered it. It was a dark clammy cave with a lot of cobwebs on the walls.

The Island

By Stacy Fitzpatrick

The move

It was a beautiful summer morning when I woke to my mother's voice. Then she told me the news that we were moving away but the most exciting part was that we were taking the boat as transport.

My heart I couldnít wait. I packed my bags as fast as I could. When I was finished packing my suitcase I dragged it out into the hall, my heart was beating like mad and then I remembered. Suddenly I dropped my suitcase and burst into my brother Damiens room. When I told him the news he was so excited he jumped out of bed, but I didnít think my sister Keely was too keen on the idea. I thought she would miss her friends more than anything, but my other sisters Debbie and Cassie loved the idea.



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