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By Kelly Fitzsimons

On 20th April, 2004, fourth and fifth classes from Portlaw N.S. helped to break a world record .We had to make the largest Ring-O-Ring-O-Roses ever. We joined hands with pupils from 28 other schools at the People’s Park in Waterford city.

We did this to help a charity called CRADLE, which brings food to poor places like Albania.

Thomas Carey sponsored our bus into the city. (Thank you to him!).  We left the school at 9:20 a.m. The weather was dull. When we got to the park, we were excited and a little nervous when we saw all the children. There were 2,100 children altogether.

"My heart was in my mouth because I thought I might be the one to wreck the circle," says Aiden Delaney.

The rules were very tough. We were waiting for a little while and finally the fun started. We had one practice round just to make sure we were ready. Then the real thing began. We started going around in a circle but it wasn’t that easy because we all had to fall down at the same time and get back up at the same time. We couldn’t let go hands and break the circle. We had to do it for six and a half minutes.

We did it! We broke the world record. "I was astonished to think that we could be in the Guinness Book of Records," says Caitríona Dineen.

After the event, every one of the 2,100 children gathered together for a photo. We will be in the newspapers and we were on television and radio already. "I felt famous and proud," says Shane Foran. It turned out to be a brilliant day and the rain stayed away.

Now we are collecting food for the Albania children. All the classes at Portlaw are helping by bringing in food and hygiene products. "We feel more involved now," says Lisa McGrath.

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