Worksheet 3

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Worksheet 3


Many different kinds of trees grow in lreland. Some of them lose their leaves in winter.

They are called deciduous trees. They are oak, ash , sycamore, beech and hazel.

Other trees do not lose their leaves in autumn. They are evergreen.

Some such trees are pines ,firs and spruce. Cones grow on these trees so they are called coniferous.

However, there is one tree in lreland which is both deciduous and coniferous.

The larch bears cones and also loses its leaves in autumn.

The Tallest Tree in Ireland is located in Lord Waterford’s Estate in Curraghamore. The tree is 49 metres or 160 feet tall. It has a girth of 6.5 metres or 21 feet 4 inches tall. The tree is a sitka spruce. Its size is indeed impressive, but it is even more important for what it symbolises. 

It can be grown on almost any soil and it produces an excellent timber for both construction work and pulp.


Silver Birch Sycamore   Sitka Spruce

To Do

Choose a deciduous tree in the school grounds

What is the name of the tree? ______________________________

In autumn, you can observe the leaves and fruits.

In winter you can observe the bark, twigs and buds.

In spring/early summer you can observe new leaves and flowers.

These may be in the form of catkins depending on the species.


These are very common in cold countries where there is a lot of snow in winter.

The trees are shaped like the sitka spruce above so that a heavy fall of snow does not break the branches.

Name a country in Northern Europe with a cold climate where these trees grow. _______________

Choose a coniferous tree in the school grounds.

What is the name of that tree? _______________________



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