Worksheet 2

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Worksheet 2



Trees never stop growing. Every year new shoots grow at the ends of branches making the crown wider and taller. And every year a new layer of wood forms under the bark making the trunk and branches a little thicker.

1. Take 29 equal paces away from the tree. Ask a friend to hold a stick upright at that point.

2. Walk another pace away from the tree. Crouch or lie down so that your eye is as the ground.

3. Look past the stick to the top of the tree. Ask your friend to raise or lower their hand on the stick until the bottom of their hand lines up with the tree’ s top.

4. Measure the distance from their hand to the ground and multiply it by ten to give you the height of the tree.

To Do

On Trail 2

Measure the height of the cherry blossom tree at stop 4

Measure the height of the cherry blossom tree at stop 6

What year were the trees planted?

Why do you think there is such a difference in the height of the two trees?



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