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 WhiteBeamA.jpg (29330 bytes)                            Whitebeam.jpg (20177 bytes)

 Stop 5 on trail 2                          Mature whitebeam
White WHITE.jpg (7448 bytes) Creamy white flowers in May
White Br.jpg (8721 bytes) Berries ripen to bright scarlet to be eaten by birds

Sorbus aria

The picture shows the whitebeam tree which is directly in front of the office window.  A cherry blossom is planted at the other side of the path.

The whitebeam is a popular tree for street planting because of its compact shape and decorative appearance. Its most striking feature is its foliage: the leaves are covered on the underside with a thick white felt of hairs which remains even in the autumn, when the leaves have turned golden. Caught by a breeze the leaves appear silvery-white. Then in the autumn appears a colourful display of red berries.  The wood of the whitebeam is used for tool handle, turnery, furniture, plywood. Edible fruit of the whitebeam can be made into jam and wine.



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