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Is for Woodlock

Woodlock is a nursing home that is suituated on the Carrick rd. It  has about 50 or 60 patients. There is also a church in Woodlock nursing home. 

There is a lovely garden on the grounds and the patients love to go for walks in it. The nuns of Portlaw run Woodlock and look after the patients very well. 

Interior hall of Woodlock

It was opened by the sisterís of Cluny in April 1909. Mrs. Malcolmson had intended to leave it to the sisters of Portlaw but she died before she made her will. Her son Keith Malcolmson carried it out for her and he handed it over to the nunís of Portlaw over the door there is a reading over the door it reads

To glory of god

And in memory of

George Pim Malcomson

                And Emilie Maud his wife.


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