Visit of Hot Air Balloon

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Balloons.jpg (24564 bytes)


Balloons in the Waterford sky 


Friday, 29 September a team of balloonists from England visited our school.  This was due to the fact that we had a winner in the Balloon art competition.  Miss McCarthy's class entered the competition and Freya Little was a winner.

Tony Brown and his group arrived at 11.15 a.m. and all the children were given a demonstration in the school yard of how to assemble a balloon.  The basket, gas, and balloon were unloaded from the trailer and the children watched with interest as the balloonists assembled the balloon.  There was a loud noise when they demonstrated the gas burners. The balloon was only partially inflated as the day was very windy.  

When the demonstration was finished Tony and his group gave all the children the chance to go into the basket.  After lunch the balloonists came to all the classes and spoke about balloons and answered any questions the children asked.  Everyone enjoyed the day very much and we were very grateful to Tony and his group for giving us so much of their time.

gas.jpg (19536 bytes)                Spreading.jpg (24628 bytes)                   Third.jpg (25452 bytes)
Lighting the gas                Spreading out the balloon             Some of the children in the basket


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