TV cameras in school

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The Day the Television Cameras Came to our school.

In our school drumming classes took place every week. Our instructor, Kelda, thought us different beats and rhythms on the drums. We loved playing and we looked forward to our lesson every week. Lots of new drums were bought and the drumming became quite serious but it was still fun. We played at different occassions such as the opening of our new school and a school concert at the end of the year. We then heard that television cameras from the programme Nationwide were coming to record us for the show. We were delighted!

The lead up to the day that the Nationwide crew were to come was very exciting. The drummers practised hard and perfected their pieces. They played them over and over again until they got them exactly right. Others put up new artwork and made sure that the classroom was neat and tidy for the big day.

T.V. 1.jpg (69438 bytes)We made a huge version of a musical instrument called the panpipe and placed it right in the middle of our classroom. It was full of colour and brought a sense of fun to the room.

The day before the cameras came last minute touches were practiced and put in place. The chairs were put in position for the drummers and the drums were set out. Everyone gathered around for a final practice session before we went home. Everyone had something to do or a part to play on the day.

T.V. 2.jpg (54904 bytes)The day had arrived. We all met up in playground and began talking about the day ahead. Everyone was really excited. When the school whistle blew we rushed inside. One or two watched at the window awaiting the arrival of the cameras. Suddenly someone shouted "They're here." Everyone rushed into place and got ready to begin. Soon the cameras began to roll and the drums began to play. Everything went perfectly.

T.V. 3.jpg (55178 bytes)Some of the drummers were interviewed afterwards and some of them confessed that they practiced on dressing tables and dinner tables in anticipation for the big day, the day the television cameras came to our school.

By Donna Walsh



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