Trip To Waterford Crystal

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A Class Glass Tour

At 9.30am on Friday last 6th class went to Waterford Crystal. When we reached the showrooms we watched a video about the making of glass. After that we went on a shuttle bus over to the factory.

We had a tour- guide to show us around the factory. She was very informative and thanks to her we have lots of information about Waterford Crystal.

On the tour we got to see some master blowers and carvers. They were very gifted and talented at their jobs. It takes eight full years to become a master blower and master carver.
chris blowing.jpg (32328 bytes)                        Dawn P.jpg (39902 bytes)
Christopher blowing!!                          Dawn blowing 

Christopher and Dawn got to blow glass into shape. Sarah-Louise got to tap the excess glass off the jug.

For Man Utd fans one of the highlights of the tour was meeting John O'Shea's father.

When the tour was over we got to have a look at some of the Waterford Crystals famous pieces and trophies. Including a Harley Davidson and Cinderella’s coach made out of Crystal.
Class10A.jpg (51181 bytes)               Class11A.jpg (42144 bytes)
                   MacDonald Time

Then we went to Mac Donald’s for something to eat. Everybody enjoyed it. After Mac Donald’s we went back to the school we all know how to make Waterford Crystal now.

By Shane Fitzgerald, Ruth Kelleher, Kerrie Fitzek

6th class comments

Waterford Crystal is a very extraordinary place. I loved seeing how the glass is made. With just one blow a piece of glass can take life. We saw the master blowers and cutters in action. Seeing the Millennium Ball was the highlight of my day . I think Waterford Crystal is going to be round for a long time.
(By Ita Coffey)

I thought Waterford Crystal was a beautiful place and it was a wonderful experience to see how glass was made. I loved watching the glass blowers, make it look so easy. They were so gifted the way they joined on the handles on to the hot glass.
(By Denise Cuddihy.)

I thought that Waterford Crystal was a very good tour and would go again. I thought it was good the way they brought people up during the making of the glass. The video that was shown at the beginning was very interesting. During the tour we met master cutters and master blowers. We also met John O'Shea's father. It takes eight years to become a master blower or cutter. It can take a small piece of glass twenty-four hours to complete. The workers only get paid for the glass they produce. There is a wide selection of glass for all occasions. During the tour Mr. Curran took pictures of all the class.
(By Sarah-Louise Butler

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