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Our Thoughts Following Our Visit to Farmleigh House to View Our Crib in an Art Exhibition on 14th December, 2006

We went to Farmleigh House to see the exhibition of Nativity Cribs. Our crib was in the Exhibition. Everyone in Fifth Class had a different part to do. I made the angel out of fabric and some silver paper. We sewed in the eyes and gave her wings. We gave her a fabric halo. We sewed in her curly hair. I felt excited that I touched the President. I didn’t expect to talk to her! She was asking us where we were from and how we made it. We looked at all the different cribs. They were really nice but I thought ours was the best. I like the one that was made out of an old computer. --Sinead O’ Regan

   We went to Farmleigh House and saw the President. She made a child-friendly speech. She used words that children would say like the Italians will be scared when the Irish come back next year. We found our crib. The one beside ours was made of wool. Ours was the only one where we made the structure. The five boys in Fifth Class made a cube out of wood and nailing the sides down. I was very surprised that President McAleese came down and actually talked to us about our crib. She asked us where we were from and which parts every body did. –Thomas Fogarty

  After I touched Mary McAleese, I said I’d never wash my hands again!!! I was so excited. I did the background of our crib. I sewed the shepherds and the sheep. The sheep were made out of wool. The President was impressed with our crib because she was getting all her people to take pictures and she was smiling. She didn’t stop to look at everyone’s crib. There were about fifty in the exhibition altogether. I made a book to remind me of the day when I am older!---Jessica Browne-Secret

  Meeting Mary McAleese she looked at the crib. Her body guards (I thought they were big!) took pictures of our crib. I was waiting and waiting and hoping that she would come. I was very hot in the room. I told her I was in Fifth Class. She asked how long it took to build the crib and I said two weeks.  I felt good that she came…it was my first time ever to be up close to her. My mother always wanted to meet her and I got to meet her first. I’d say everyone spent ages making their crib.—John Power

  We got up really early to go to Dublin to see our crib exhibited in Farmleigh House. Some of us got to stand really close to the President. Her bodyguard was standing in front of us. In our crib we had Christmas lights. Our local journalist, Dermot Keyes, interviewed us. He asked me what part I did. I told him I helped with the background of the crib. I made the hotels in Bethlehem. The best part was when the President told me I had lovely long hair. She asked me what age I was. I said ten going on eleven. One other class had a good idea to recycle an old computer as the crib. Thanks to Sinead,  Ms. Doris and Mrs. Galvin for giving us the chance to see our crib in Dublin.—Chloe Walsh

  Yesterday was so cool because we got to go to Farmleigh House. The bus was so fun because we were all talking to one another. When we finally got through all the traffic to Farmleigh, we heard the President giving a lovely speech about the true meaning of Christmas. When she came to our crib, we felt so special because she actually picked our crib to look at us. She talked to us and said that we were a nice class and our crib was really nice. After that we looked at the other entries. My favourite was a two-sided crib.—Niamh Dunphy

  It was really rainy yesterday and the bus journey was long, but when we got there it was a really great experience to see Mary McAleese and all the other cribs. It was magnificent to get our crib in the top fifty cribs in Ireland. It wasn’t about winning a trip to Rome, it was about the real meaning of Christmas which is the birth of Jesus Christ. One crib I liked the best showed the two sides of Christmas. On one side the house was all decorated like we do today and the other side showed the traditional crib. I’m glad I went because it is a great moment to look back on when I am older.—Shannon Cullinane

  Yesterday was really good because we got to meet an t-Uachtarán Mary McAleese and she thought our crib was really creative. She talked to us as if she knew how we built it. I thought the other cribs were very expressive too. I couldn’t pick my favourite one. They  were all different in there own way. Some of them used tea bags, papier mache, plaster of paris, wool and so on. One of the ones that went to Rome was really modern. I met the teacher of that one. She said she let the University pupils express themselves. Imagine our crib was displayed beside the work of University students, teachers colleges and secondary schools!! I am really proud that we got that far. It was a really good experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.—Lorna Walsh

  I am so glad we got into the top cribs in Ireland and we met the President. We saw other people’s cribs. We were proud to represent our school. We had our photo taken. We met Dermot Keyes who is a journalist from Portlaw. He recorded us when we were excited. Mary McAleese came down to our crib….she only stopped at a few cribs. Another crib I liked had moss and the bark of trees all over it.—Sinead Hallissey

  We went to Farmleigh House and saw all the cribs in the exhibition. There was one with a bust computer screen and the crib inside. Another one was like a ball of string with the nativity inside. We had refreshments in a marquee. The president asked us where we were from. She thought it was great that we were the only school from Waterford. I can’t believe I touched the President. –Chelsie Hill

  That was one big place. The cribs were nice. I was excited when the President came into see all the cribs. Our crib was in the middle of all the other cribs. It was a proud moment when I got my picture taken with the crib. –Eric Power

  Yesterday was good. The journey was fun. When we got there, it was packed with other schools. I was roasting. Then Mary McAleese came and gave a speech about how well we all did. I expected a long boring speech and instead it was totally different. She congratulated EVERYONE. She gave equal credit to everyone. Sinead Fitzgerald helped us to come up with the idea and to make the crib. I made Joseph out papier mache. First we did a wire basing and then we put on the glue. We made clothes out of fabric. There was one crib beside us….I think it was made of foam….I thought it was so cool. It was like modern Christmas on one side and old Christmas on the other.---Eden Little

  There was a big crowd. The president was there and she gave a really good speech. She was going around looking at all the cribs. She came to our crib and was complimenting it. A couple of us talked to her. I told her that we used fabric because no one else used it last year so we thought it would be different. It turned out very nice, I told her. It made me feel proud to talk to the President. She was really friendly and talked to us like she was really interested instead of talking to us for the sake of it.—Charlotte Hackett

  We had a good laugh going up to Farmleigh House on the bus. I couldn’t believe that our crib got to Farmleigh House. Ambassadors of all foreign countries are going to be looking at it. When the President came over to us, we were all really gobsmacked and we talked to her and made Portlaw proud. To say we are in their town.—Shauna Keane

  I thought the day was really interesting and fun. I enjoyed the bus trip. The president is really nice and she wasn’t complaining about the crowds. I designed the angel with Sinead. We made it out of fabric and sewed the hair and face on. It was a great experience and the crib turned out really well.—A nne Kearns

  When the President came down to see us, I was really excited. She was talking to all of us and she was asking us how we made the crib. I said that we all worked as a team. I found her very kind and caring.  Hayley Fitzsimons

  I was excited at Farmleigh House because we got to meet the President. I was amazed to see our crib because I never thought that we would be among the top 50 in Ireland. There were so many people looking at it. I was near the President when she was making a speech. She said all the cribs were fabulous.—Alex Maher

  I was surprised to find out that we were the only school in Waterford to go up to Dublin. Our crib was one of the top entries in the country. When we were up there, I saw some really great cribs from Secondary School and College. I was surprised that we were able to compete so well with higher level students. I was very proud. We used old fabric and Christmas lights. The boys did the carpentry. We broke two drill bits making the crib . –Christopher Fitzpatrick

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Our Crib on display Sinéad & Rang 5


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