Trail 3

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Welcome to Tree Trail 3 on your virtual tour of our gardens.  All the trees on this Trail have been planted since 1998 so they are quite young.  Pictures and information about each tree can be obtained several ways
(a) Use the index in the left hand border
(b) Clicking on the numbers on the trail
(c) Clicking on the trees in the key


   We will begin our trail at the main entrance gates to the school, and follow the footprints which have been painted on the tarmacadam.  This trail leads to the school yard. 
The yellow areas are the shrub beds in which the infant classes planted many spring bulbs.  
Our thanks to Waterford County Council who presented many of the trees to us.  Michel Ireland sponsored the lovely shrubs which are planted around the sycamore trees.


Trees Key

 1. Sycamore
 2. Silver Birch


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