Tour to Dunmore

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On Thursday, June 14th, fifth and sixth classes went to Dunmore East Activity Centre for their school tour.  We left Portlaw at 8.45 a.m. and set off for Dunmore East which is about twenty miles from Portlaw.
Tour 3.jpg (57148 bytes)When we arrived we were divided into two groups, sixth class began with water activities and fifth class did the land activities first. 

Tour 6.jpg (42277 bytes)For the water activities we went Tour 1.jpg (40664 bytes) body-boarding, on a pedal boat, on a canoe, and also we went on a Canadian canoe.            Tour 4.jpg (67145 bytes)Tour 2.jpg (55954 bytes)

There was a man that brought us on a speed boat and did exercises with us, we had to put our hands on our head and he went round in circles. /

For the land activities we did archery. Tour 5.jpg (52267 bytes)Then when the two classes were finished we met with them and did orienteering with them in the park in Dunmore East. After that we said our goodbye's and headed to the The Cleaboy "chipper". We had our chips and went back to Portlaw.
The next day we didn't have to go into school until 10:00 (thank God). Every one said they had a lovely day.



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