Token mania

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Do you have any spare tokens?

This year the school has been collecting tokens from newspapers, crisps, biscuits, Esso Tiger tokens and from Tesco supermarkets.  Why are we collecting all these tokens?  Read on and I will tell you about our collecting.

We began in November trying to collect enough tokens from Ireland on Sunday to get a free computer, but we fell short and did not collect enough.


Before Christmas a big box arrived in the school into which we put the tokens from McVities biscuits, News of the World and Mirror newspapers, and some crisps.  This collection box is situated at the office.


In February the Tesco tokens appear and we have until Easter to collect them.  Our target was 16,500 tokens to get a PC for the school.  Our final total was 12, 900 which was even better than last year.  We have saved some tokens from last year and with these we have enough to get another PC.

The final tokens we collected were for the Irish Independant.  Mrs. Hally and fifth class looked after this and we received a TV,video and internet box

Thanks to everyone who supported our token appeals
If you still have  tokens at home please send them into the school.

By Ciara Curran


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