Tidiest School Winners

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        On the 30th September 2003, the Green Schools Committee went to Modeligo to Waterford County Council’s First Primary School Environmental Award Ceremony. After it had been announced that we had won the award for the tidiest school in the east of Waterford it was decided that the Green School Committee of Portlaw NS would accept the award. Mr. Curran, Mrs. Hally and our secretary, Martina O’Donaghue accompanied us to Modeligo. When we arrived we were all given a raffle ticket for a raffle draw later on in the ceremony. Before we took our seats we went to the back of the hall and saw the winning projects on display. When we sat down in our seats we heard a noise coming behind of ‘Hey kids, have you heard? Recycling is the magic word! Do it often, not just now and then. Recycling can be used again and again.’ The voice was Krusty the Clown, the entertainer. He made us all balloons animals and shapes. There were swords, dogs, flowers, hearts and hats. Mr. Curran was given a lovely black balloon hat! Finally, the award ceremony began. First, there were speeches from the Mayor and the Environmental Education Officer for Waterford, Anne-Marie. The awards ceremony began!

First there were Art prizes given out to the winners of the competition. The winners of the competitions in Art came from Rathgormack, Bunscoil Gleann Sidheáin and Coolnasmear.

Next, were the poetry competitions with wins coming from Whitechurch (who won twice) and Modeligo. 

The third competition was about making a creation from waste. This year you were given the theme of hats. The winners came from Whitechurch (they won twice) and Lismór Mochuda. Our favourite was a bowler hat made from eggcups sprayed gold. It came third. Fenor won the composting competition project.

Then the tidiest school awards were given out. The tidiest school in the west of Waterford was Aglish. And then it was time for the final award. We were last, but definitely not least.

The Tidiest School in the East of Waterford!  Portlaw N.S.!

To represent the school, the representatives from Sixth Class in the committee (Kate Henebry, Amy Coe, Richard Fitzpatrick and Dominic Kelly) went on stage to receive the award. Kate claimed the award in representation of Portlaw N.S. We then had our photo taken with the Mayor of County Waterford. Then the raffle began. And Waterford’s very own Elaine Power (Cabin Fever 2003’s winner) was drawing out the tickets. She’s Portlaw’s new best friend as she drew one of our pupils’ tickets. Then it was time for light refreshments. There were crisps, chocolate bars and fizzy drinks, and sandwiches for the elders. We all made sure we had Elaine’s autograph. Krusty then put on a magic show. 

Then, unfortunately it was time to go back to school. Luckily, Mr. Curran saved the day by having the idea to visit the Kilmacthomas Poorhouses, so that the day would be educational. We found out that the poorhouses were being renovated into an enterprise center. It was very interesting to see. We saw where the dead bodies were laid. There was also a door in the middle of a building, two stories up. When we finally went in the building we saw a computer suite. The walls of the Workhouse were very thick. We had our photo taken and went back to school. 

When we arrived back at school we processed around every classroom showing off our newfound award.

We had a brilliant day!

                                               By Kate Henebry and Dominic Kelly
Awards1.jpg (50218 bytes) Awards2.jpg (49520 bytes) Awards3.jpg (31440 bytes) Awards4.jpg (42634 bytes) Awards5 annon.jpg (47757 bytes)
Entertainment before the awards Sword fighters "Where did they get those hats?" Co. Mayor announces the winner Tidiest School
Awards6.jpg (31350 bytes) Awards7.jpg (41518 bytes) Awards8 Kim.jpg (38854 bytes) Awards9 Kim.jpg (31713 bytes) Awards10Sin.jpg (58735 bytes)
Accepting the prize The Committee and the mayor Cabin Fever winner meets Kim "The Rappers"
Awards11Jul.jpg (46741 bytes) Kilmac.jpg (46147 bytes) Awards12Kilml.jpg (64450 bytes) Awards13Kilml.jpg (64834 bytes)
Julie lends a hand! Final visit...the workhouse!.   Only work done today!!  
Kilmac workhouse


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