The Robin

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The boldest and most friendly of wild British wild birds is the Robin. Because of the orange and red feathers of its face throat and breast it has another name Redbreast. The red is edged with blue-grey the wings back and tail or olive brown and the upper parts are white. 

The Robin is an active bright-eyed little bird which hops along the ground and jerks its tail as its lights on a preach. The Robin has a pretty warbling song and when it is alarmed it utters a sharp tic-tac sound over and over again blobbing up and down as it does so. Robins choose a territory for themselves that is a piece of land which they prefer being near the houses. Both male and female robins hold territories in winter and can be heard singing in them. 

They defend them from other robins both male and female. So you are unlikely to see more than one robin in a small garden at once. They become very close to anyone who is digging for they like to pick out any worm that appear in the turned up earth. If food is put out for them they will some times go right inside houses or take crumbs from a bird table.

By Emma


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