Telethon 2000

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The Telethon 2000 took place on the 5th May.  For the big event there was a lot of preparation.  Sixth class did a number of competitions which a lot of the school entered in, for example there was a pokemon competition, a colouring and hand writing competition, there was also a basketball shoot out and one of the most popular events was a basketball match between children v teachers, of course the children won.  Some boys brought in a playstation which the pupils could play. 

cake sale.jpg (69469 bytes)In 5th class there was a cake sale which was very successful, there was a chest competition, also there was a chart which you had to guess who the pictures were on the chart, they were all between when we were 2 weeks to 2years old.  There was a scratch card that if you guessed what was on the card you would get 50, which the money was given by the local shop Fogarty's.  There was also a jar of sweets that ifJumble sale.jpg (69013 bytes) guessed how many were in it you would get the jar of sweets. 

 In fourth class there was a teddy that you had to guess the name of the teddy.  We move on to 3rd class there they had to guess the teddy's name also, in the other classes there were Waterford stickers for 2p and raffles.  There was a Easter Egg that was raffled and the runners up got passes to the local sport centre which is situated in Carrick-on-Suir.  

Elvis.jpg (59586 bytes)My favourite part was the concert, Mr. Cashin the 3rd class teacher sang Elvis Presley's songs and also dressed up as Elvis. There was a mixture of fourth class and sixth class that sang Britney Spears and ABBA.Some people who do Irish Dancing did a jig for the school. Venga Boys.jpg (49646 bytes)Fourth class sang b*ewitched, and three boys did a comedy act, some of 3rd class sang Vengaboys.  

In fifth class a girl sang I'll tell me ma when I go home.  The telethon 2000 was a big success and everyone enjoyed it. We would like to thank everyone who supported 
the telethon. 

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By Ciara Curran  


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