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Every second year all over Ireland the Telethon takes place. The Telethon is a fund raising event and all the proceeds collected go to people in need. Events such as people shaving their heads , cake sales , jumble sales and lots more take place .

sponge.jpg (86536 bytes)

Throw the sponge at the Teacher Time!!!

In our school 6th class held a jumble sale and a book stall , 5th class held a cake sale and bingo while 4th class held a talent show .There was also a video shown , a basketball shoot out and some raffles took place. We had a dog show twice during previous telethons and ribbons were presented to the winning dogs.

Penalties.jpg (60632 bytes) Peter Schmeichel eat your heart out!!


Our Telethon activities took two days to complete.  We had great fun and in all we raised over 700.  We hope to collect more than this when we have the telethon this year

Dog show.jpg (62436 bytes) Our dog Show

by Ann Sexton and Jennifer Fogarty


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