Smaointe 2000

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These are poems written by pupils from the school and were published in Waterford County Council's second booklet of poetry "Smaointe 2000" which was launched in June 2000.
poetry from the first publication can be found in 
Our Archive section 

Man. U. are the Best

by Robyn Moore 

Liverpool think they're cool,
but really they are full of gruel.
Now Man U is the best,
there so good they can beat the rest.
Chelsea need Ruud Gullit,
and that is a big fact.
Now Arsenal can't beat us yet,
even with rocket jets.
Ryan Giggs is lovely,
David James is ugly.
Michael Owen is famous,
Andy Cole is shameless.
But at the end of the day,
all teams will stay.
Maybe your dreams will come true,
Man U all might get the flu.
And forfeit the rest of the season.
Ha, keep on dreaming!

by Evelyn Foran 

God gave us human beings. 
Mother Nature gave us green beans.
Barrys Tea gave us tea bags.
Sporthouse gave us school bags.
HB gave us ice-cream.
And oil of Ulay gave us face cream,
But if I found the evil,
two-goggled eyed git who invented school,
I'd give him 9000 lines and 100 pages full of algebra sums for the rest of his days.


The Final
by Frank Galvin 

Waterford and Cork were in the final,
and these two teams were truly rivals.
The Fans came dancing in the rain,
to see a thriller of a game.
The weather then began to clear,
and all the fans roared out a cheer.
The nervous ref threw in the ball,
and Brown and Corcoran started to brawl.
Carroll scored his fifth point,
but Dan had already scored his ninth.
It was 2-15 to 2-8,
and Cork needed more faith.
At last the final whistle blew,
and all the hard work had come true.
The fans came storming on to the pitch,
and at last the Deise fans were rich.
The silverware had come our way,
and we hope to defend it for many a day.


My Sister
by Stacey Ann Delaney 

I'm lying in bed all alone
thinking of my sister far away from home.
I miss her, I miss her, I miss her I do,
because she loves me and I love her too.
I'm thinking here of days gone past,
of fulfilled memories of chats and laughs.
But Australia is so far away,
Thank God for phones so we can talk from day to day.

The Weather
by Kathy Fitzpatrick 

The Rain, drops and plops.
The Wind, howls and growls.
The Thunder, rumbles and grumbles.
The lightning, flashes and dashes.
The Sun, is bright and full of delight.
But the Stars are my delight as they twinkle
and wrinkle and sprinkle through the night.


Michael Owen
by Alan Wade 

Michael Owen is my hero,
Everyone else is rated zero,
when he gets the ball he runs like lightning,
all of the defenders thing he's frightening,
as he goes around one, then two,
then three, then four.
What does he do only score!


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