School Opening

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Before we in Portlaw National School got our new school we had two school buildings. One building for junior infants to second class and the other for third class to sixth class.

Our new school was not really a new school but an extension onto the third to sixth class school. The extension was needed because the other school was in a terrible condition. The opening of the school was very enjoyable because of the selection of things involved. There was drumming, singing, tin whistle and a selection of cakes and buns made by the Parents Council.

There was a huge crowd there including Bishop William Lee, Rector George Cliff and our local priest Father Brian Power. Junior Minister Brian O’Shea officially opened the school.. Bishop Lee blessed our school after it was opened. There was lots of preparing for this special occasion. The singing, drumming and tin whistle were very enjoyable.

Junior Minister Brian O’Shea at the opening of our new extension

June 13th 1997


In the end it was a brilliant day and everybody enjoyed it.

Written by Donna Walsh and Sarah-Jane Phelan



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