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   Irish Independant Building For the Future - Community Project 2000

  Mrs. Hally and her fifth class undertook the task of collecting tokens from the Irish and Sunday Independant.  This promotion lasted several months and the class received great support from parents, relations and friends to help reach our target.

This was the second year of this promotion.  Last year we did not reach our target and it was only with the generous help from neighbouring schools that our target was reached.  We received a unison internet box and TV set.

This year the prize was a video camera.  Our target was the number of children x 30 
i.e.  182 x 30 = 5460 tokens.
We were delighted to reach our target and now tried to enter the community project.  In order to enter our target had to be revised.  We now needed
182 x 50 = 9100 tokens.

We succeeded in reaching our new target and fifth and sixth classes collaborated on the community project about Our Community of Portlaw.  The children were given great help by our secretary Mrs. O'Donoghue.  With the deadline fast approaching we managed to complete our project and send it to Dublin, with no time to spare.  

Summer holidays arrived and thoughts of schoolwork and projects were forgotten until the Irish Independant notified the school that our project was the Waterford Regional winner in this national competition.  We will receive a cheque for 2000 and our project returned to be kept in the school on Monday October 1st.

Presentation of cheque to Mrs. Hally by Irish Independant

Congratulations to all involved, especially to Mrs. Hally.

A big Thank You to everyone who helped us reach our target by collecting tokens for us  


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