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Rockett’s Castle

Rockett’s Castle is a tower of Norman construction on the bank’s of the River Suir. It was erected in 1212 by a family named Rockett. It consisted of five floors with a 10-12 ft wall surrounding a large area. The fortress manor house was destroyed in the 17th/18th century. Rockett took their name from de la Rochelle, also known as Rockelle or Rockette. Rockett was pirate and raided shipping on the Suir to keep impoverished and suppressed families alive. He was later hanged on the western yellow rd, Waterford, on a tree later called Rockett’s tree. In 1569, Richard became Lord of the Manor. He left it to his son.

From 1625-1645, the castle as taken overby the Earl of Ormound under King Charles 1.Richard Strange became the next owner. He was catholic and in 1649 Cromwell took over and bestowed it on Sir Algernon May (who gave the name Mayfield to the area). He was protestant baron. It was held by that family until 1787. Rev. Medlicott became the next owner. After him Mr. and Mrs. Doyle moved in but about three years ago a man from Russia came and did up Rockett’s Castle and all the ground’s he comes from Russia for Three week’s in the year.



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