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Here we have some examples of stories which the sixth class pupils have written and we hope you enjoy their work.  Hopefully new stories will be added to the collection.

School By The Hedge

By Ruth Howley

Hello, my name is Nell O'Driscoll and this is a story about going to school by a hedge.  Every morning I get up at seven o'clock to do my chores.  When I am finished I get a piece of turf and some bread and I walk a mile to my school.  While I eat the bread I think of what I learned yesterday.  On this particular morning, I was thinking about my catechism.  I had to learn a verse from the Bible off by heart and I was trying to remember it.  In the Summer we have our classes outside beside a hedge, but in Winter we have our classes in the old barn.  We have to bring a sod of turf for the fire.  Today we have classes in the barn.
My teacher's name is Seamus Finnegan. He is a tall middle aged man with dark hair and dusty black clothes that look about a century old.  he has no home that I know of, but he stays in turn in the homes of his pupils.  He teaches us history, catechism, and arithmetic.
You may be wondering why I am going to school in a hedge and a barn!  Well the reason is our country is occupied by the English and they want to keep us in ignorance and poverty, so they passed laws known as the Penal Laws.  So now school is forbidden and the catholic religion is banned.  Next week I will tell you about going to mass at a rock.  PLEASE do not let this fall into the wrong hands or I the English will deport me to Australia.

Signed  Nell O'Driscoll           


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