Old School Photos

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Oldies 1
Oldies 2






Our Old School Photograph section is growing steadily thanks to visitors to the site.  I am particularly grateful to Mr. Kevin Clark, Mrs. E. Coffey, Mr. Denis O'Gorman, Mr. Ger Kiely and Ms. G Loughrey

If you have an old school photograph which you would like to share please contact the school and we would love to place it in our archive section.

Do you know anyone  in the photos on the following pages?  Please let me know and I will include the names.

Many of the photos are thumbnails, to enlarge click on the photo. 

Oldies 1 include the following
Portlaw Boys 1940's
Portlaw Boys School 1946
Mercy Convent School 1949
Mayfield Boys National School 1925

Oldies 2
This page features many photos supplied by Ms G Loughrey featuring Féile na Scoileanna photos, school tour  etc.






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