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When the Dragons met

When the fire dragon met the ice dragon
The way that its told
Is that they fought for silver
And fought for gold.

They never got along
ĎCos they fought a lot
Then one of them said
"Iíll cook you in a pot".

The ice dragon breathes frost
While the fire dragon breathes fire
They fought and fought
And the bets grew higher.


Enter darkness leave the light
Here be nightmare here be fright,
The dragon is in sight,
Just be careful, Be with might .
Earth water fire air,
Prepare to meet the dragon slayer,
He is in his little lair
Enter now if you dare

By Kate Henebry

The night sky is dark and gloomy,
It makes my room spooky,
I think there is something watching me,
But then I see that itís a tree,
Iím sleeping in my cosy bed,
And get those thoughts out of my head.

By Amy Coe


Bubble Gum

I once had a piece of bubble gum,
I knew it would be trouble some,
I chewed and chewed what else could I do.
I gave it a huff, and a bit of a puff,
And all the time I spent,
Chewing, Huffing and Puffing.
Ahh itís in my hair,
And I canít get it out,
I know Iíll shout.

By Kate Henebry


Butcher Joe

There once was a butcher called Joe
Who left a knife fall on his toe
He needed first aid
So along came a young maid
She said it is lunch break I better go.

By Kate Henebry



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