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These poems were written by Miss McCarthy's fifth class in 1998


       Mark and the Ark         

There was once a young boy called Mark,

Who wanted to live in an ark.

He called up poor Noah,

But Noah said " No....ah,

Why don’t you live in the park.

Lorraine Donnelly



The Lady from Mars

There was an old lady from Mars,

Who liked to ride on the stars,

One night she fell

All the way to hell

So now she is behind bars.

Sara Power and Niall Morrissey



My friend thinks history is boring.

When teacher mentions that subject she starts groaning.

She hates listening about castles,

She rathers the battles.

She claps for the Vikings ‘cause she likes all

their fighting.

Her name is Claire but she doesn’t care

Any little bit about legends or myths

because she thinks history is boring.

Donna Walsh

The Seaside

When you go to the seaside

Listen to all the noises that you hear

and make,

When you walk in the sand you make a

Squish, squish, squish sound,

When you walk on the stones you

make a .....

Scrunch, scrunch, scrunch sound,

And when you’re in the water you

make a .....

Splash, splash, splash sound,

When you’re at the seaside you make

lots of noises.

the seaside is good fun.

Lisa Prendergast


The Pound

There was once a wolf-hound

Who had to go to the Pound

He was given a bone

But left alone

Then he started to moan and groan.

Stacey Ann Delaney

The Seasons

Spring time is here again,

Squirrels, hedgehogs and badgers

all wake up.

Go Spring go.

Come, Summer come,

And let the children swim in the


Go, Summer go.

Come Autumn, come,

And blow the leaves off the trees.

Go, Autumn, go.

Winter is here again,

And freezes all the puddles,

Bringing a white sheet of snow

But after all that he gives us

Something nice which is Christmas

Denise Heffernan



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