1 Rocketts Castle

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Stop 1:  Rockett’s castle

Rockett’s Castle was built by the Normans on the River Suir in 1212 by a family named Rockett or de la Rochelle. Rocketts Castle was taken over by the Earl of Ormond. King Charles I allowed him to destroy and take possession of the property of Catholics' who did not submit to the King. Pirate Rockett fought the best he could against such treatment. Later he began to pirate English ships and distributed the booty among the suppressed people.

Based on part records and part legend, "Rockett the Pirate" captured an English ship and used her to prey on English ships only. The booty was divided among the town folks, thus the title "a noted pirate with virtue." This motly crew became such a thorn in the King's side, a bounty was placed on their heads and finally all were captured and first drawn and quartered. Rockett was then hanged and beheaded, and his head was placed on a spike and taken to the city gate of Waterford with a placard reading "Beware, do not offend your King."

"Crann A Riocoidig" means Rocketts Tree. This portion of Yellow Road was so called from a famous old blossoming gorse tree that grew there and was sometimes used as a gallows. Rockett paid the penalty for his crimes (or virtues).

Sir Algernon May later owned Rockett’s Castle and he gave the name Mayfield to the area. It had five floors and a thick wall surrounding it. The fortress manor house was destroyed in 17/18th Century.

The house and castle have been renovated a lot over the last few years by its foreign owners as a shooting and fishing estate. There is a lake in front of the house and this has been stocked with fish.
The estate has been sold recently to a new owner.

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