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              Fogarty's is the shop on the left and Murphy's is on the  right

There are two newsagents in Portlaw. They are both situated on the square. Quavers which is now owned by Murphy’s, and Allcocks which is now owned by Fogartys.

Allcocks a couple of years ago used to be a post office is now a newsagent. Both of these newsagents sell all kinds of newspapers.

Murphys sell all kinds of different papers. These are some of the newspapers that they sell: 

Daily papers: The Independent, The Examiner , The Star, The Mirror, The Sun, The Munster Express, , The Racing Port and the Dungarvan Observer. 

Sunday paper: Sunday Time, Sunday Independent, Sunday World, The People, The News of the World, , The Times, The Financial Times ,Ireland on Sunday.

The most popular paper sold would be: Daily: Independent and Star. Sunday: The Sunday world.

Fogartys would be much the same.


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