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In January, classes all over the South East took part in a poetry competition. The prize was to get your poem published in a book called Imagine. There were five winners in the school which was a great achievement. The winners were: Winner- Freya Little. Second- Alex Hackett. Highly Commended- Julie Clarke, Leah Harte and Shauna  Kennedy. The only Gaeilge poem was by Julie Clarke. The launch of the Imagine magazine was on Saturday the 14th June in Tallow. The library was small but we all had a lovely time.

By Shauna Kennedy

Extract from Imagine, the Tallow writers quarterly review June 2003

Judge for the competition was novelist Grace Wells and here she explains her decisions

7, 8, 9 Poetry
The poets in this group all used a refreshing simplicity and explorative creativity that was very appealing.  It was hard to just find eight commendations, so I bent the rules and gave more.  From early on I knew that Freya Little (8) had won. Her poem "Why Won't You Write?" was different, a bit bizarre and then, in the last two lines, utterly redemptive. For me (perhaps because I'm a writer), the lines "You are true, you are true, I will write with you" encapsulate all that we need from one another as a basis for humanity a "trueness" that enables the other person to live to their fullest ability. You could substitute the word "write" for the word "dance" or "sing" or whatever other soul need we have.
 Alex Hackett's (8) poem 'My Sister" came second. 1 loved it's irreverancy and spontaneity, it's language, attention to detail and precision. It's a novel in one poem.  

Special commendations go to Julie Clarke (8) for her simple assured Gaelic, Shauna Kennedy (8) for "Rain",", Leah Harte (8) for "My Best Friend" , Julie Clarke (8) for "The Zebra"

                issue 4 IMAGINE 11 

Why Won't You Write? by Freya Little

Why won't you write in a tree with me
and a bumble bee
Why won't you write in a box with me
and a bumble bee and a fox in a box?
You are true, you are true
I will write with you.


My Sister by Alex Hackett

My sister has a snail.
Whom she loves from top to tail.
She has a doll that wears runners
And its head thunders
And my Mum wonders


The Zebra by Julie Clarke

Z is for Zebra who escaped from the zoo
E is for early morning because he likes the sunrise too
B is for burger he stopped for on the way
R is for ran because he ran over Kay
A is for ambulance coning to take her away

A Mhúinteoir by Julie Clarke

A mhúinteoir go hálainn
A mhúinteoir go deas 
A mhúinteoir go hálainn
Níl sí in a seas


Rain by Shaunagh Kennedy

Rain Rain Rain
Tapping on the window pane
Making puddles on the ground
But suddenly when I look around
And what do I hear?
Not a sound.


My Best Friend by Leah Harte

My best friend is like me,
Except that she is not me
Because her heart is different
Her face is different too.



Smaointe 3

Portlaw N,S pupils entered a competition called Smaointe 3. Two pupils from the school won. A few weeks ago Denis O’ Connor and Patricia Fogarty wrote poems for the newly published book. Before they knew it they had been selected to place their poems in Smaointe 3. The winners went to Dungarvan art centre to receive their prizes They were rewarded with a book called Turning Tide, a smaointe 3 book, which has the poems they wrote. Also a certificate. It has been a great achievement for them and they got their photo taken with the Mayor.

By Patricia Fogarty and Denis O’Connor.



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