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Kilbunny Church.

The church of Saint Munna was built about the 8th Century Irish Romansque Doorway.

An icised slab in the ruins bear an effigy of a bishop in full pontificals with the legnened in Roman Capitals. S. Munna Ep75copus.

Saint Munna is the ancient Patron and titular of this church St Munna, Bishop and abbot is commemorated on October 21th in all the Irish Martyrolgies.

In early times 230 monks lived and prayed in Kilbunny. The remains of the rams can be still seen at the church, and this ancient church was of a great interest to Historians. 

There is a big cross at the church and was erected by the people of Portlaw and was blessed by Father Sean Nugent on the 15th of August 1986.




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