Junior Achievement

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Lesson 1 

We in fifth class have just completed a Junior Achievement School programme called "Our Nation". This was our first experience in such an adventure.

The goals of the programme were to provide practical information about people, businesses, the services in a typical community, to show the students the steps involved in starting a business, to introduce the students to a variety of career opportunities, to help the students understand the complexities of producing, marketing, and selling a product and also to make the students aware of the importance of education for future career development.

We were very fortunate in having a most experienced consultant called Maria Merriman to introduce the programme to us over a five-week period.

Our 1st lesson was to get us students to identify the three common forms of business organisation and give examples of the natural, human, and capital resources needed to start a business.


Sole Proprietorship
Natural Resources
Human Resources
Capital Resources



Role Play
Formulate a Plan


Lesson 2

In Lesson 2 we talked about Human Resources and we had to list qualities employers look for in their employees and to recognize the steps necessary to get a job. For example a list of qualities youíre looking for in good workers. We needed to see if the workers were dependable, careful, pleasant and responsible. We were given business cards. On the front was a logo for a business. We took the business cards home and taught about the jobs we might like to have one day.


Lesson 3

In the 3rd lesson we the students used three different strategies to make pens. We developed an understanding of how different production strategies affect productivity and profits.

We compared unit, mass, and batch production methods and recognise the importance of productivity. We compared the three productivity figures for the three different production methods.


  Advantages Disadvantages
Unit Workers enjoy variety. Workers take pride in completing the job. Each product may be unique. One worker making one product take more time. The worker requires workers with broader skills. Quality often varies, even though the worker is responsible for quality control.
Mass Workers require less training. Much of the work can be done by machines. Workers can be more skilled at one task. Work can be done quickly. Workers can make uniform products. Little variety in the work. Workers donít see the final Product
Batch Workers can work faster Workers can enjoy variety. All workers donít see the final product. If one worker doesnít do his or her job, a portion of the production process stops or slows down.



Lesson 4

In Lesson 4 we learned about the importance of advertising. We also had to explain why businesses advertise and identify the different types of advertisements. With advertisement we tried to 1. Grab Attention 2. Hold interest 3. Create a desire 4. Obtain Action.


Lesson 5

In Lesson 5 we presented the results of our business plans before an annual meeting of the stockholders. We assumed responsibility for a stockholders meeting, demonstrating our knowledge of business operations and evaluating business plans.

The five groups were

Hotel ownership,

Ferry Company,

Law partnership,

Sports shop and

Computer company. This was a most entertaining finale to our lessons & provided much interest & excitement. 

At a very close call the Ferry company won out

Mrs. Hally and Fifth class with their certs 


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