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J is for Jubilee


The jubilee is to celebrate the new millennium and to mark the birth of Jesus.  Parishes throughout the country will celebrate the occasion in different ways. Portlaw held a special jubilee mass in the the Square in the village and lots of people attended.  People from all over the diocese attended a big outdoor mass in the Fraher Field in Dungarvan.

Special jubilee banners are hanging in the churches throughout the country.  We have a special banner hanging in our school to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Sixth class made their confirmation on April 4th. and the bishop gave all the boys and girls a card with a special jubilee prayer on it.  This is the prayer which we got.


A Young Person's prayer

God of my life,
Help me to appreciate
The special way
That you have gifted me,
So that I will be fully alive
And so that many others
Will be the better
For having met me or known me.

Help me to be free, loving
And generous.
Give me a listening heart,
So that I will discover the things
That are really worth living for
When Iím down and life is tough
Donít let me lose heart
And show me that you are there always
There by my side. 


By Christopher


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