Hayley's Dogs

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My Dogs

By Haley 

During Animal Week, I brought in my two dogs to show my friends in my class. My dogsí names are Molly and Gypsy. My class looked at them outside in the yard. I told them about my dogs. Molly is a Yorkshire Terrier and Gypsy is a Shihztu.

I told my friends how I take care of my dogs. I have to brush them and give them water and food. I can only wash them twice a month because all the oil will dry out of their hair and they will get all stringy. I also have to keep Gypsy`s hair up because if itís down it would go in her eyes and might blind her.

Molly is five months old. She is very giddy because she is sill a pup. Gypsy is a year old and she loves digging out the front. Molly and Gypsy are very friendly dogs.They would not bite you. When we got them they would not walk on the lead.But they go to fast now. I taught them how to sit by putting a dog treat over their head. If they donít sit, I put the dog treat back more over their heads and they will sit. Sometimes if you say give me a kiss they will lick your face. Their favourite food is steak or bakers. They only drink water. But once I tried them with milk but they would not drink it. Gypsy and Molly sleep on the bed. They like to eat ice-cream but thatís bad for them. It would make their teeth bad. On Sunday they wear black bows in their hair. When Mammy washes them they go mad. They run around the house barking. They have lots of toys. If you give them a teddy bear they would rip it asunder. I really like my dogs.

I felt excited when I was showing my dogs to my class. My friends were very interested in what I told them.


Some dog Facts by Haley

1. The biggest dog ever known was a Great Dane in England. He was 3 feet 6 inches and weighed over 17 stone.

  2. The smallest dog ever known was the matchbox size Yorkshire Terrier. He weighed only 4 ounces and died at the age of 2.

  3. The heaviest dog is an English mastiff and weighs up to 130 kgs.

  4. Dogs have been around for well over 10,000 years.

  5. There are over 400 different breeds of dogs.



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