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  National Success


Handwriting Competition


This was the sixth year that a National Competition had been held. Over 100,000 children nation-wide took part in the competition. Grace Howley of Portlaw N.S. Co Waterford came 1st in the Special Education Category. Grace traveled to Dublin on Saturday, 9th of May 1998 to The Teachers Club,36 Parnell Square, Dublin 1. with her family for the presentation to the National winners

Grace received a plaque, a medal and a walkman. Grace is now 12 and she is in Fifth Class. We hope that Grace wins many more wonderful writing competitions.

We have also had winners in previous years. Derek Larkin won in 1994 and Feana Walsh won an award in 1997. These winners were at local level

This is the first time that the school has ever had a national winner, so well done Grace

Grace and her family have kindly donated her lovely plaque to the school and this is now hanging in the hall.......Thank you Grace

National  Winner

Grace with her plaque

which was presented to her

in the

Teachers Club in Dublin


Enjoy a couple of Grace's poems which she wrote specially for you.


By Grace Howley

Mammies make lovely dinners I donít like cous-cous,

Mammies make us do our homework but I donít,

Mammies make me put on the telly I donít,

I put a stamp on it instead.

Mammies make us put ice in our coke I donít,

I put the ice down her back!

Mammies make us do the drying up,

I leave it all there!

Mammies make us tidy up the playroom I donít,

I leave it all messy!

Mammies make us brush our teeth I donít,

I spray toothpaste all over the mirror!


My Old Pal

My old pal is Mammy she makes lovely dinners

My old pal gave up drinking wine for Lent

My old pal is always cross with Ruth and Una

My old pal loves gin and tonic and sandwiches

My old pal watches Coronation Street.


A Visit to the Dentist


One night I had a throbbing toothache

I ran in to my mammyís bedroom

Out of breath My cheeks were red rosy puffed and swollen

I curled up and whispered into her ear about the tooth

So she said have some thing small brush your teeth

You are going to the dentist for a check up just

Got dressed will you give your teacher my note

If you are brave I will buy you a meal of goods and a video.


Charlies Angels.jpg (145984 bytes) " Grace's Angels "2001




Grace DonC.jpg (22820 bytes) Here is Grace visiting us in her special athletics tracksuit.  She visited us with her cert the day Don Conroy came to the school June 2002




By: Grace Howley

Special Olympic 


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