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  Health Centre

The Health Centre was built sometime between 1980 and 1990. It is situated on the Curraghmore Road which is just outside Portlaw. There are eight rooms in the building. There is the Doctors Room, Dental Room, Waiting Room, Secretary’s Office, Practice Nurse Room, Nurse Room, Toilets and Store Room. There have been two doctors and two dentists working there since it was built. The Doctors names are Dr Ryan and Dr Finnegan and the dentists are Mrs O’ Leary and Mr Murphy. The doctor working there now is Dr Finnegan and the dentist is Mr Murphy. 

The South Eastern Health Board founded the Health Centre. There were two parts built on to the building since it was built. The South Eastern Health Board hired Contractors to build the Health Centre.

The children of Portlaw N.S get dental cards to tell them when they are to go to the dentist. When people are sick they have to go to the doctor and get a check-up. When my father got sick the doctor came out to our house. One day I had a toothache and I was brought to the dentist to get it checked out. When people are in school they bring their dental cards and go to the dentist from school. When you leave Primary School you have to make an appointment for the dentist. There is a car-park outside the Health Centre. Dr Finnegan is sometimes out on call to visit his patients. Beside the Health Centre there is a house where Dr Ryan used to live. The nurse with the dentist is Ethne Langton.
Instead of going up to the Health Centre you could ring in and make an appointment with the doctor or the dentist. Sometimes people from Secondary School go to the Health Centre on Work Experience. A while ago they did up the waiting room in the Health Centre.


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