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Can Recycling

cans.jpg (88066 bytes)       cans2.jpg (63136 bytes)       cans1.jpg (59762 bytes)                     

The thumbnail images above can be enlarged by clicking on the photo.  These photos show our can recycling efforts during the year.  The cans are bagged, stored in the shed and put out for collection.  Thirsty work!!


Paper logs

Paper.jpg (69367 bytes) Our new paper bins

These bins were distributed to each class so all waste paper would be put into them rather than the general waste bin. The paper is collected each day and soaked in a large bin in the shed

Paper1.jpg (67359 bytes) Here the paper is being brought from the classroom, in the paper bin, to the shed where it will be soaked in water for a few weeks.  When the paper is well soaked it will be compressed into paper logs.



Paper2.jpg (74955 bytes)After the logs have been made and allowed to dry the sixth class children brought the logs home to be burned in their fires.  47 in total were made.

Logs.jpg (98543 bytes)This year we made almost 100 logs which was a great effort


Ringo Project

Ringo.jpg (70416 bytes)  Fifth class participated in the Ringo Project where they collected plastic holders from cans for recycling.  Here the plastic rings are ready to be posted to the factory in Mallow




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