Green Committee 2003

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Following class elections the Green School committee for the school year 2003/04 has been formed. Lots of work has to be done and I am sure the committee will take these tasks on board.

2nd class: Sinéad Hallissey

3rd class: Aoife Whelan, Julie Clarke

4th class: Kim Foley, Melissa McInerney

5th class: Anthony Fitzpatrick, Michelle Hallissesy, Aidan delaney

6th class: Kate Henebry, Amy Coe, Richard Fitzpatrick, Dominic Kelly.


  Teachers: Ms O’Loughlin, Mrs Halley, Mr. Curran

Also Mrs Martina O’ Donoghue

Green Com 2003.jpg (109603 bytes)

We are delighted to announce that we have been successful in our Green Flag renewal and will have our flag for a further two years.  We were notified by An Taisce Feb.2004


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