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G.A.A. stands for the Gaelic Athletic Association. The G.A.A club was formed in 1887 in Portlaw.  The name of the pitch is called Pairc de Hindeberg. The clubhouse was built in the year of 1984. The pitch is situated just outside the town of Portlaw in Killowen. 

Portlaw have won 6 senior County Champions in the years of 1937, 1970,1971,1973,1976 and in 1977. Before Pairc de Hindeberg, Portlaw had two other pitches one on Halpins land and one on the present day farm of Maurice Foran. There are three deceased members of the club that won All-Ireland Senior medals in 1948 and they were Billy Galvin, Mick Hickey and Davy Power. In 1959 a player who won an All-Ireland medal with Waterford and then joined Portlaw and went on to win County Championships with Portlaw he was known as the legendary and famous Tom Cheasty.

Portlaw cater from age 8 to Senior in both hurling and football. Portlaw is either known as The Tannery Town or The Village. 

My father John Galvin and my grandfather Billy Galvin both played for Waterford and Portlaw. My Father was a double All-star and my grandfather won a All-Ireland Final.  My brother Eoin was captain of the last school team to win the A division in hurling.

 My father Tom Hartley played for the Portlaw senior team.




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