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We all love to get a bargain.  Below I have featured just a few addresses of sites containing good, and free, programmes which can be downloaded for use in the classroom.

Patrick's Project page

Contains two very useful maths. programmes that are free.  Alan's Maths. and Alan's fractions


Kids Domain

hundreds of titles allowing you to find what you want.  Excellent European Geography Tutor plus many other great "freebies"



A superb collection of freeware and shareware games and activities.  The registration fee for most of the shareware is  inexpensive.



MSWLogo  is available free to download for Windows PC's (3.1, W95/98/NT....)  It really is free and can be downloaded together with instructions and support. Excellent software.


Excellent interactive activities for those with a browser. They can be downloaded to disc so that everybody can enjoy them -even if they do not have a modem.



A collection of interactive activities to support many curriculum activities. With a menu of activities  for 3+, 5+, 8+, 13+ and adult.


Mathematics Assessment Software

Software to test all four rules of number either online or after downloading them to disc. Well worth a look.



A huge archive of midi music for webpages or presentations - superb



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