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Fire Station

The Portlaw Fire Station is situated at the end of George’s St. nearest to the Square. It was first built in. The fire chief is Terry Hanlon. The Fire Station has been there so long that firemen have worked there all their lives and have retired. 

The Fire Station stretches out to the surrounding areas. If the Portlaw Fire Station can not handle a fire they will call Carrick-on-Suir fire station and Kilmacthomas fire station to help quench the fire. The Firemen are on call every second week and they have to carry a bleeper even when their off call and if they go out of town for more than an hour they have to get someone to cover up for them. 

Every so often they have to go to take breathing apparatus techniques and First-Aid courses to keep up with the Medical world. They also have cutting machinery to cut people out of a car in a car crash. They also have a hydraulic pump which in case they run out of water they can pump water out of rivers/ streams.



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