Energy Song

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Here is our Energy Song which was composed by the Energy Committee and put to music.  All the classes in the school have learned the song and we all enjoy singing it.

Chorus:       Hey, hey, letís be cool
Letís save Energy in your school (x2)

  Verse 1:      Hey, hey, letís be bright
                      By turning off our taps and lights
                      Hey, hey, letís all try and see

           How efficient we can be



      Verse 2:      Hey, hey, turn off the PC
Everybody do the same as me
                            Hey, hey, unplug that lead
                            Listen to me and take some heed



     Verse 3:         Hey, hey, turn off that rad Ď
                              Cos too much heat is really bad
                              Hey, hey, in one, two, three
                              Weíll save lotís of Energy


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