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Energy News
Energy Song
Top Ten Tips
Did You Know?
Our Energy Use
Energy Committee
Energy Evaluation
Energy Action Plan






      In our NEWS section you can find out about all the News and events that has taken place in the school about Energy.  Launch of "Energetic Eddie" and " Healthy Henry"

     This section lets you see our ENERGY SONG

     This part shows you our TOP TEN ENERGY SAVING TIPS,  our tips to save energy at school and at home

    DID YOU KNOW? Gives you interesting facts about Energy

    The next section is all about OUR ENERGY USE IN 2002- 2003.  Itís about the amount of Energy used and the amount spent on Energy

   This section is about our ENERGY COMMITTEE 2003-04

    This section is about the ENERGY EVALUATION WINTER 2003 that took place    

∑    OUR ENERGY ACTION PLAN  which was part of our renewal application


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