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ECO schools scheme.

It is a Europe wide environmental award scheme. It helps schools to take environmental lessons from the classroom and apply them to the day to day running of the school. ECO schools involves all members of the school community working together to improve the schools' environmental performance.

It can help schools:

improve the school environment
reduce fuel and water bills
create links with schools in Ireland, UK and Europe
reduce litter and waste
increase environmental awareness
involve the local community

It is a programme of seven elements:

a committee of pupils, teachers and others
a review of the schools' environmental performance
an action plan
monitoring progress
curriculum work
a publicity programme and a day of action
an ECO code

. You can now read about the progress we have made with our Green School Project and also view some photographs of some of the activities we have undertaken. This account can be found on the next few pages.

We were one of the first Irish schools to be listed on the Eco Schools Home Page

Green School Project

The school has taken the first steps in this project. A Green School committee has been formed and has had regular meetings during the first term. The committee for 2001/2002 comprises of the following

Teachers: Mrs. Hally, Miss Cotter

Parents: Mrs. M O’Donoghue, 


Sixth class; Aimee Nolan, Ruth Howley

Fifth class: Darren Rockett, Carrie Walsh

Fourth class: Kate Hennebry

Third class: Shane Foran, Michelle Hallissey

A review of the school has been undertaken and various areas for improvement have been identified. 


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