7 De La Poer Tower

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 Stop 7:  La Poer Tower

De la Poer Tower is about 65 ft high. It was built in 1785 by the First Marquis of Curraghmore in memory of his eldest son who was killed jumping his horse over courtyard pailings. He was only thirteen. A spiral stairway with 92 steps leads to the top of the tower and on a clear day, you can see three counties from the top: Tipperary, Kilkenny and Waterford. It is said that at the point when the tower comes into view, there used to be a hedge school at the turn of the road.

Notice the inscription on the tower that reads: La Poer Tower, erected in the year 1785 by George, Earl of Tyrone, to his beloved son, his niece and a friend.” The “friend” is supposed to be Mr. Charles Poliere de Botens, the boy’s tutor at Curraghmore, who died at Curraghmore a short time after his pupil’s death.

The inscription is as follows:

“La Poer tower, erected in the year 1785, by George, Earl of Tyrone, to his beloved son, his niece, and friend.

La Poer Tower

  La Poer tower
Has many names
One of them is ‘ The Steeple’
From round and round
The countryside
Come lots and lots of people

  Come lots and lots of people
To see the Steeple high
And when it’s time to leave
They’re sad to say good-bye

La Poer tower
As I said before
It has many, many a name
For all us people in Portlaw
It brings us lots of FAME                                                                                    

By Freya Little


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