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Daffodils are yellow with a green stem. When you see Daffodils it is a good sign that spring is coming and winter is ending. They are a bright flower. There is a man who sets them, he is from Portlaw. They will be put in a huge washer and be washed. Then all the bad ones get thrown away and they are sent to America. They would be frozen so they would not open until they get to America and they will be sold there. 

There is a day called Daffodil day it is for cancer and leukemia. Daffodils are grown from bulbs, which should be left in the ground after the plant has finished flowering; the flower stalks may be cut of but the leaves should not be touched wild daffodils, which are smaller than the garden varieties, are sometimes found growing in masses in European woodlands. The stem of the daffodil, is straight and shiny and high, and the leaves are long and narrow. There are now more than 10,000 named varieties daffodils. So many poems




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