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After our Fun Run in 1991 we bought our first computer from the proceeds of this fund raiser. This was an Acorn A3000 and dot matrix printer. We now have three A3020ís,and three A3010ís.

In 1997 we won a PC in an Easter Egg competition in City Square Shopping Centre, and we now have eight P.C.ís., all with inkjet printers A local factory gave us an Apple computer which is kept on the office.

Most classes have a computer in each room and some have more than that.

Here is some of the software that we use in the school



This is the software which allows us to write book reviews of the books which we have read. We then print the reviews and keep them in our folders. This is the software with which Stephen greets his teacher each day with "Sir will I load Bookstore?"

Spellings week by week

Each week we have a group of spellings to learn and place the words in sentences.

Every Thursday we have a test and if we get three 100% we move onto the next level.


This is a word processor with which we have typed some projects. We have also used Pendown DTP to make Christmas cards

We like to play games such as Lemmings and Pacman. We worked in groups to solve The Crystal Rain Forest and The Phantom of Fleet Street


We have used Microsoft Works and Word in our projects and to write letters to our penpals. Encarta, the Magic Schoolbus, Cinemania, Publisher and Chronicles of the Twentieth Century ,Cardshop were all used by us.

We have become E-Mail penpals with a school in Horsham in Australia and both schools have been writing to each other. Hopefully the contact will be kept up next year. Fifth class are writing to a school in New york.

We hope to make E-Mail contacts with other schools involved in the Green School Project

If you would like to E-Mail us we would love to hear from you

Written by Stephen Dooley in 1998



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