Communion 2003

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Our Communion Day

Our Communion was on the 24th of May. We had a great day. The weather was nice and fine. After the mass some people stayed in. We all did a wonderful job doing our piece in the Mass. We did a lot of artwork for preparation. The other classes who were in the choir were great.

By Julie Clarke

A big thank you to Martina & Sinéad who did so much to decorate the church.
To Mrs. Hally who organised the choir and to Mrs. Boylan who supplied the music.  Everyone helped to make it a very memorable day.  
Below you can see some of the art work which decorated the church.

Choir.jpg (44622 bytes) Hands.jpg (53265 bytes) Round Alter.jpg (53943 bytes)  
Choir Round the altar  
Art1.jpg (52901 bytes) Art2.jpg (48732 bytes) Art3.jpg (57635 bytes) Art4.jpg (46320 bytes)
Examples of the children's artwork around the big altar
Art5.jpg (17885 bytes) Art6.jpg (47920 bytes) Art7.jpg (60403 bytes) Art7jpg.jpg (16727 bytes)
Examples of Silhouettes, altar decorations and poster


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