Cllr. Coffeys visit

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We were delighted to welcome local politician Paudie Coffey to the school to speak to sixth class and Green School committee about water. Cllr Coffey gave a very interesting talk to the pupils and a Question & Answer session followed. below are some of the questions which Cllr. Coffey answered.
Cllr. Coffey was very impressed with the knowledge of the pupils and was delighted with questions.

Sam Butler questioned Cllr. Coffey on the alleged connection that an overdose of fluoride can cause the disease Alzheimers.

He replied ‘There is no scientific proof that too much fluoride can cause the disease Alzheimers. We are still cutting down on the amount of fluoride we put into to the water.’

Do commercial and domestic users pay water rates?

Commercial users pay water rates but domestic users don’t.

`Why did the government stop people paying for water in 1997?

They stopped us paying so they could get votes.

 Where is our schools source of water?

 Cllr. Coffey decided to ask us where we thought  it was. We thought it was in Ballyshunnock.Then Cllr. Coffey stated that we got our water from bore wells in Ballycahane which is about two miles above Portlaw.

Does that source supply any other places?

The bore wells in Ballycahane only supply the town of Portlaw.   

Where does Waterford city get its water supply?

Waterford city gets its water supply from the River Clodaigh in Portlaw.

What areas does Ballyshunnock reservoir supply?

Ballyshunnock Reservoir supplies Kill, Ballyduff (lower), Kilmacthomas and all around that area. 

How big is Ballyshunnock reservoir?

The Ballyshunnock reservoir covers

six whole acres.  

Does the Portlaw water scheme need updating?

Yes, the water scheme does need updating. Most pipes are substandard.

How does the County Council know where the water is under the ground?

They bring people into the site called water diviners. These people use a branch of a special tree.

In relation to the past news paper article you referred to the hazardous waste on the contaminated tannery site, what would you say about this?

Then Cllr Coffey said “The tannery was there for 50 years, the rules weren’t as strict as they are now. When the business closed down the owners threw all the chemical waste into the Mill Pond. They then let the chemicals seep into the ground and now some of the chemicals are going into our water.”


How would you take chemicals out of the ground?

To take the chemicals out of the ground you would have to hire specialized people from America to dig them out.


How come the government doesn’t give you money to take away the chemicals?

They don’t give us money because they’re too focused on things like roads, but in time they should


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