Christmas 2002

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To celebrate Christmas many of the classes performed seasonal plays for parents and pupils. Thank you to the teachers for all the hard work which was put into the plays.
Below are some of the photographs from the different classes.
The images are thumbnail images, to view the full sized image click on the thumbnail.

Nollaig Shona Duit ó Scoil Náisiúnta Portlách 




Ms. Doris

boyos.jpg (30770 bytes) boys.jpg (49748 bytes) cast5.jpg (69422 bytes) dancers.jpg (55629 bytes)
Illogical Boys, you can't impress them The Cast Covered in Ketchup
girls.jpg (38422 bytes) kate.jpg (38397 bytes) liam.jpg (41424 bytes) louise.jpg (30823 bytes)
Raining that strange kind of thing:men Sit down you hooligans! You can't pull the wool over my eyes The Odd Couple

Ms. Moroney

angels.jpg (55305 bytes) First class.jpg (72018 bytes) Second class.jpg (79237 bytes)
Angels First class posting their letters to Santa First class posting their letters to Santa
first cast.jpg (62651 bytes) wise.jpg (49284 bytes)
The Cast The Wise Women


Mrs Hally

buyers.jpg (61474 bytes) cast.jpg (46745 bytes) family.jpg (62150 bytes) guards.jpg (47963 bytes)
Tommy Turkey We love Tommy Turkey Our ten children Well guarded Bessie
turkey sellers.jpg (47914 bytes) veg meat.jpg (40304 bytes) veggie.jpg (107752 bytes)
No Turkeys!! Stars from Above Please try a veggie hamper


Miss McCarthy

artaban1.jpg (56321 bytes) choir.jpg (83748 bytes) full herod.jpg (60984 bytes) mary.jpg (61102 bytes)
Three persons in one Artaban Music Maestro ! Herod's Harem! Innkeepers & Special Guests
poor.jpg (41344 bytes) shouters.jpg (48262 bytes) soldiers.jpg (54101 bytes) wise women.jpg (80230 bytes)
Give us a few coppers, Missus Town Criers Military Men Three Wise Women & Escorts

Miss Cotter

aoife.jpg (99808 bytes) carrie.jpg (97661 bytes) casta.jpg (98974 bytes) castb.jpg (82683 bytes) chris.jpg (76785 bytes)
Sue & Jack, Modern Maria & hubbie Rapper C

The Cast

God, Doctor & Faye
denise.jpg (55651 bytes) darren.jpg (70058 bytes) kerri.jpg (49299 bytes) ruth nathan.jpg (55962 bytes) sarahlou.jpg (51983 bytes)
Horrifying Herod Bush & Blair beware Rapper K Mary, Joseph and onlookers Fluttering Christmas Fairy
sheps.jpg (84844 bytes) susie.jpg (91261 bytes) teacher dance.jpg (87288 bytes) wise women.jpg (82992 bytes)
The Shepherds

Susie Snowflake

This is How Its Done!!

Three Wise Men


Miss Ho

baby.jpg (65532 bytes) hosts.jpg (76450 bytes) joe si.jpg (82155 bytes) nick.jpg (74274 bytes)
Mary, Joseph & Friends Our Narrators & Musician Angels come Choir
si sing.jpg (86169 bytes) sikings.jpg (118430 bytes) sinf angels.jpg (98714 bytes) stars.jpg (89311 bytes)
One last verse Wise men Angels Twinkle, Twinkle little star 

Mrs. Keyes

castJI.jpg (48534 bytes) JI2.jpg (65708 bytes) JI3.jpg (45703 bytes)
JI4.jpg (56741 bytes) JI 1.jpg (56670 bytes)


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