Cherry Blossom

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  CherryBl.jpg (26498 bytes)                ChBloss.jpg (22442 bytes)               Pink Bloss.jpg (7600 bytes)

 Stop 4 on Trail 2                 Mature Tree                     Pink Blossom


Our Cherry blossom trees produce a lovely pink blossom each year.  The trees look lovely when they are covered in blossom.  The picture above shows the cherry blossom tree which is situated in front of the office and main entrance. All the classes in the school planted a cherry blossom tree or a whitebeam in the front garden to mark Tree Week in 1997.  Cherry blossom trees are very popular in towns and gardens.

The cherry blossom is Japan's national flower. In the ancient period, flower viewing -- hanami -- referred to enjoying the blossoms of the Japanese apricot -- ume, but since the Heian period ( 794 - 1185 ) it has meant cherry-blossoms. Originally a religious ritual, the hanami was held on a particular day. With the coming of spring it was customary to perform ceremonies prior to the beginning of planting, forecasting the harvest for the year from the condition of the cherry blossoms. Then, likening the cherry trees in full bloom to a bumper harvest of rice, they would celebrate with food and drink under the trees.

In the early twentieth century ( in 1909 and 1912 ), Japan presented gifts of flowering cherry trees to the United States as symbols of goodwill, and these were planted in Washington, D.C., where they are now one of the most attractive sights of that city. In other countries, including the Republic of Korea, China, Australia, New Zealand, as well as countries in Europe and South America, the Japanese cherry blossom season can be enjoyed just as in Japan.

      When the cherry blossoms bloom, people bring food and drink to places famous for flower viewing and spread out their picnics beneath the trees.



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